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                    TO: Interested Christians                                                                                   FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA

                    RE: Spending Control Helps via Retired CPA Jim Bramer                       Originated:  July 2006                                           

       Below is a hypothetical Online Email thread (THRD) between JOHN (Husband or non married male) and  Jim@bcidot.org    

FR: John

      I notice that you are now mostly referring to yourself as "Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor -CPA".  Does that mean  you are not helping people do their tax returns or tax planning/investment planning as in the past?

FR:  Jim@bcidot.org

      Basically that is correct, John.  I do NOT do tax returns or CPA Audits anymore.  Not only is there the aspect of my "getting old and I not have the stamina", but in order to remain a competent CPA I need to keep up with the changing tax laws plus rightfully take continuing CPA education courses, etc.  

FR: John

         Does that mean you are not available to help us in the same way like you have in the past?  Is it not true that you have been serving primarily Christians and Ministries for almost 50 years?.  I sure would hope that you could continue to provide some services.  What is your thinking now?

 FR: Jim 
     Well, I do want to remain involved after all these years, but from a different perspective. Since you are reading this, you no doubt have already  been exposed to our web sites when you go to   Ministry Finance Team Helps  and discover that the emphasis is
Christian Ministries  like Churches, Schools, Mission Organizations, etc.   Please also go to Spending Controls and discover how that this web site's thrust is to help both Christian Ministries and individual Christians/Families appropriately spend their money, etc.  You also might find of interest data found at this  Sitemap  where I have listed things that I do in my retirement. 

FR: John

        Then I take it you only use the computer to remotely respond to Onliners and you do not travel.  Is that correct?

FR: Jim

     No,  I do travel some to Ministries and enjoy it very much.  Please go to  0047  for some more specifics about my helping Ministries from time to time.

          FR: John

      You mentioned Righteous Personal Finance-RPFin up above.  Tell us a little more about this.

FR:  Jim
Please go to the list  Here  and then access the links therein to discover how I have helped in the past few years with regard to RPFin. Also please go Here and read my August 2004 JIMs JRNL that will give you more perspective of why I currently want to provide some help to Christian families who want to do a better job of spending their money wisely.  Note my mention above of the   Spending Controls  web site.

FR: John

        Please give me a little more specifics as to exactly how you assist us to effectively use such resources, Jim.  

FR: Jim

     The usual steps go something like this:

An individual Christian (Family) usually participate in some type of group that results in them concluding that they need to improve their Money Spending Plan as would be pleasing to the Lord.  They even make some Righteous Personal Finance - RPFin  vows, or promise commitments. 

     We are contacted by Email at 
Jim@bcidot.org and you take the necessary steps to assure yourself that we are for real and that we sincerely want you to succeed in keeping your family RPFin  promises along these lines.
    The end result is a formal interview ( please Click Here for some details) where we talk at least once on the phone when you call 1 559 298 5507  as we get further acquainted and we agree on a specific strategy and time line on how you can achieve your RPFin goals, etc. 

    Christian Ministries do something like this, but I pretty much personalize their steps to their exact situation. For example, see Click Here  and discover how we sometimes Coach Ministries in their use of the software product known as QuickBooks, etc.

    Please Click Here for more information about an available "Mom at Home" that I have trained along these lines. 

FR: John

        OK, great, now tell me about your fees for such  services.

FR:  Jim (1)

     I enter into a relationship with you as I am paid an initial expense reimbursement of $50.00 --- plus I might ask you to make some agreed unorthodox payments for services rendered to you that do not personally benefit me.  Email me at    Jim@bcidot.org  and I will give you more specifics about what I mean.

FR: John
         OK .... thanks, Jim,  for the information.  I will be in touch.

 FINIS:   Feel free to contact me at  Jim@bcidot.org  if you have any comments or questions about any of these matters.  Remember -- It is my desire to encourage you in your Christian walk and to be "Your Servant for Jesus Sake:" Thank you.   II Corinthians 4:5B  Updated last:   September 23, 2013   

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