RE:  Sample Mission Organization BuxBox  "Where Are We" CHART  or Status Report as of August 4,  2006

This was updated on September 22, 2013  


    This report is after the latest donations has been assigned to respective priority Spending Areas (this is equivalent to BuxBoxes or Boxes, etc.)  These "Where Are We" reports can also be  Photo  reports as described when you  Click Here.

    You will notice that there is a  General Fund (Deficit) from earlier years. This Ministry has asked supporters to pledge money to cover this deficit.  Or restricted money that comes in from this source goes immediately to reduce this deficit - plus, of course, all other Spoken For money from donors goes into the respective Funds.  The Leadership has decided which Spending Area (Staff, Facility, Travel, etc etc) has first priority and the General Fund money is allocated and assigned accordingly.  This is further explained in more detail in a Church setting when you Click Here.  This report then timely goes to the Staff who can only spend what is available, if any. 
     Please Click Here and go to a
"Where Have We Been Report"  for samples that provides you with an example of what a detailed transaction report like this would look like for any of these "Spending Areas" items below. These "Where Have We Been" reports can also be  Video  reports as described when you  Click Here.


QBooks Types: Assets:      
Bank     Bank Checking and/or Savings     $ 16,787 
         Total Assets       $16,787 
Acct Pay         Unpaid Credit Card Balance       $  1,689 
Spending Areas:      
Spoken For Money      
Equity    Missionary A - Support  $       700    
Equity    Missionary B - Support  $    4,000    
Equity    (Deficit) from earlier years  $   (6,362)    
Equity    Emergency SetASide by the Board  $  15,774    
            Total     $ 14,112  
General Fund      
Available for this Year's Operations:      
Equity   General Fund Staff Costs  $      562    
Equity   Mortgage & Facility Operating Costs  $      234    
Equity   Travel Costs  $        56    
Equity   Department #1 Costs  $        34    
Equity   Department #2 Costs  $      100    
      Total General Fund (Deficit)         986 
Total Spending Areas        $15,098 
             Total Liabilities & Balances       $16,787