0463-07 Glossary


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                  BuxBox, QBuxBox,  eQBuxBox, eBuxBox, eEnv  and Envelopes all mean the same thing.                                   

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Bank Accounts

            Can be either a Checking or Savings Acct, or a combination thereof.

Buffer or Float -  "buy now and pay later"  Enabler

  The estimated amount of Credit Card charges available before monthly payment thereof without incurring any interest or fee charges. Or you use this Buffer amount to righteously "buy now and pay later" with no interest/fee costs. Please manage your affairs so you use Credit Cards as a blessing and not a tyrant.   This amount resides within applicable Envelopes For more info please Click Here

BuxBox - Box

  A term used for placement of money to spend.  Please Click Here for some "Jesus Savior Pilot Me" applications such use by Christ-Centered Entities. The terms now are any of the following:   QBuxBox, eBuxBox or  eEnvelopes or Envelopes.


   A meaningful written document within context of "Jesus Savior Pilot Me" that is used in making money decisions/conclusions as you live within your  �Righteously Imposed SPENDING Limits.�   Or it includes,  within this context, a weekly "Where are we now� and "Where have we been" financial status reports so we have information for next week's "SPENDING"  decisions.  Please  Go Here  so you can link to and view samples of all CHARTS on this web site.


   Also, within context of "Jesus Savior Pilot Me", a Compass is a system  (device, mechanism, tool)  that assists you in this sojourn within the path of fiscal righteousness.   In our case, it is the appropriate use of applicable Computer Software and effective use of the Internet.  Please Click Here and learn about our  essential Compass  known as the "Spending Control" system. 

Direct Deposit

  Usually pertains to the process whereby the employer sends the employee's net pay check (or does this electronically) directly to the employee's checking account. The employee does NOT have to handle a piece of paper -- if done electronically, then neither handle a piece of paper, etc.

Discretionary (Not Spoken For)

Such money that is NOT tied to a certain obligation


See "Virtual Check or Draft" below.


  Please Click Here for specifics, but this is a Spending Control System using virtual Envelopes that is designed primarily for the Christian family as they participate in Righteous Personal Finance ... please click here for a list of more details about eEnvelopes.


eFinFax (Electronic Financial Facts)

       Click Here and Here  for more information on this topic.  Also this can be a periodic status of non eEnvelope resources or commitments -- they often appear as memo info. The purpose is to show info about how you are reducing old debt.  It generally does not include Mortgage or Vehicle debt.  It might include status of promised Church financial commitment (Faith Promise/Pledge, etc) or applicable Retirement Assets etc  Please Click Here for an example.
       Click Here for information about a
Accrual Basis equivalent eFinFax Accounting system.

Fiscal or Financial Report

  The periodic (usually weekly) report from the eEnvelope system that especially provides the status of Envelope balances for Spending Control purposes.  It often includes Bank Balances and unpaid amount due the Credit Card Company.

Not Spoken For

          Money that you can spend as you per your disciplined life style after you have cared for your Spoken For  obligations..


See rewards below.

Plastic Cards

     A generic term used to identify Credit Cards, Department Store charge cards, prepaid cards and debit cards. A recent study of consumer payments indicate that more and more consumer spending is being done via credit/debit/prepaid cards and are used now for 53% of store purchases, while cash or checks are 47%. Plus the average household owns from 7 to 13 of such credit/debit/prepaid cards. Also Click Here for more info.

QBuxBox -- see BuxBox - Box - above


     An abbreviation of Q>uite V>irtual E>nvelopes (QVE) , or a term used prior to August 2004 to identify placement of money to spend.  The term now is Envelopes as found within  0400.


     Many Credit Card Companies provide you with what some call Rewards and are something like Frequent Flyer miles as a result of buyers using their product.


An abbreviation for Righteous Personal Finance Click here for a list of more info.      


A means of setting aside (usually in a named Envelope) some money for a specific discretionary purpose.

Side A and Side 1 of the Dollar (or Coin)

  An attempt to portray the activity and status of personal financial transactions to the usual Christian and NOT use vocational terms unique to professional Bookkeepers and Accountants.  This is explained further when you Click Here

Spending Control

       A pre-determined plan for wisely spending money that is regularly measured against what you have spent to date.

Spoken For (Obligatory)

        Money that you must spend for applicable agreements with the Lord, Self or Vendors/Providers, etc.


Some operational principles that pertain to eEnvelopes and such matters.  Click here for  Envelopes Truisms..

Web Based

  A computer system that functions via your browser and usually a fast Internet connection.  You do not place software on your desktop.  Please click here for more info.

Virtual Check or Draft (1)

  A means described within  0410  where you process an accounting transaction as if it were a check, but it does not reduce the bank balance until the future.  A Draft is a post-dated check, or virtual check, whereby the recipient has the document (Draft)  now but can not convert it to cash until the future date.

Whole Dollar

 In maintaining your financial records, you do not record any pennies. Click here for more info.


           Please Click Here for a list of eEnvelope writings via a web folder on www.bcidot.org.  Feel free to contact me at Jim@bcidot.org  if you have any comments or questions about any of these matters.  Remember -- It is my desire to encourage you in your Christian walk and to be "Your Servant for Jesus Sake:" Thank you.   II Corinthians 4:5B  This was updated last: December 13, 2009   

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