0469-01 Truisms


                             TO: Interested  Onliner Christians                                                           FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA - Auditor 

                             RE: Truisms                                                                                                   Originated in August 2004                  

     01>  Foundational Truism =  record keeping is an essential element of Spending Controls.  It is impossible to control something if you do not know its status.                                                                                 

     02>  Spending/Buying decisions are made from updated/current BuxBox/Envelope info --- not only from Bank or Credit Card Balance  info Click Here and locate sample  Fiscal Reports that provide such info.  Please Go Here for more information.

     03>  It is essential that you know where you are going to place each receipt within the BuxBox system in advance of doing so.  All family receipts flow into the Bank Acct (could be either checking or Savings accts);  No cashing of any family checks etc  -- green stuff in purse/wallet comes from actions like use of ATMs which are a part of BuxBox / Envelope  activity..  Of course, this does not apply to checks received by individuals as gifts. 

     04>  Source of Green Stuff  should be via ATMs (preferable to writing and cashing checks payable to cash, etc) --- do not cash incoming checks that should be under BuxBox/Envelope spending control, etc

     05>  Generally there is a Weekly emphasis -- Buyers need frequent up-to-date information to function effectively.  By the way --- many of you carry the latest  Report  in your purse or billfold for reference during the week.   Many do this via their Cell Phone, etc.

     06>  Financial (Fiscal) Reports are  clearly understood by both Spouses (or all applicable parties in a Christian Ministry setting) as this enables them to make proper "BuxBox/Envelope Balance" buying decisions.

     07>  Your Credit Card statement is paid off monthly (some prefer weekly) without interest/fees expense.  If you are not able to do this, then you MUST immediately stop using Credit Cards to buy things.

     08 >  There might be merit to placing  BuxBox/Envelope balances like "Future Events" into the one Savings account.  There is something  "Hands Off"  about money that exists within a Savings account. 

     09>  I feel it unwise for the husband and wife to each have a Bank Account.  My rationale is explained when you Click Here;  if such division of the money is really needed,  then it should be done  via the BuxBox /Envelope system.

     10>  A Small Ministry uses BuxBox as per the plan set forth when you Click Here,  Donors CAN NOT designate to respective areas of the  General Purpose Fund ;   it must remain under the complete management of the Board of Leadership.  Or they must determine the priorities etc of these respective Board of Leadership chosen areas, etc.



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